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Kara and Bryan Wedding - The Loeb Boathouse '05

Every now and then, my clients ask me what my all-time favorite wedding was, and I never hesitate to answer with "MY OWN!"

Today, Kara and I celebrate our 15th anniversary, and even though I didn't take any of these photos, save for the two below, I thought it would be great excuse show off some images of our own wedding.

For our anniversary, I scanned our photos to create a new, updated wedding album for ourselves. Since our wedding was shot completely on film, I had no digital files of our images. In addition to that, we did some more updating and upgraded Kara's engagement ring.

The stone was from my mother's ring back in 1970 and decided to give it a new home. We took the ring to Frank Palmeri at Tivoli Jewelers in Williamsburg and put it in a beautiful new setting. We even got an education in jewelry craftsmanship when we got the opportunity to watch the whole process in his amazing work room in the back.

In the past few years, I have had the great honor to photograph multiple weddings at The Loeb Boathouse. It brings me so much joy to go back and capture other couple's weddings at this venue, especially since it looks practically the same when we were married there.

Below are some of our absolute favorite images from the day, including shots of our three-year-old nephew who was part of our ring bearer/flower girl team... and who just finished his first semester of college(!)

(Our delicious cake from Cupcake Cafe!)

And obviously, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the work done by our photographer from George Street.

Back in 2004, way before I found myself working in the wedding industry, I knew no photographers to call on. We went off of our physical copies of The Knot magazine. We met with a rep from George Street and looked through physical albums. We chose our photographer based on her journalistic style. She also leant more on shooting in black & white which we really loved. And wouldn't you know it, since only the top tier photographers at the studio shot on digital cameras, she was actually less expensive because she used film. Oh, how times have changed.

I am so ashamed to admit this... I do not remember her name! Especially considering what I do now for a living, this pains me. I've tried contacting George Street to see if they had any info, and no records were found. All we have are these shots of her taken by a guest with the disposable cameras we left at every table to use at their discretion. So, if anyone out there happens to recognize her, please let me know!

After I met with her to pick up our photos, I snuck a peak at a couple images before Kara and I could sit down together and go through them. I will never forget the thrill and emotion I felt from those first shots I saw... and everything afterwards.

I always remember that feeling every single time I press the shutter for a client. I want to give every one of my clients that same exact experience. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to our photographer for capturing our most special day and inspiring me and my work!

And to my most amazing and beautiful wife, I wish for us another 15+++++ years together!


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