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Phillies Phantasy Camp 2011-2012

In 2011 and 2012, I fulfilled a baseball dream of mine by attending Phillies Phantasy Camp. Finding a happy middle ground of enjoying the on-field play and wanting to document the experience proved to be difficult at times. At the end of the day, I left feeling like a giddy eight year-old.

Mission accomplished!

So, to celebrate the opening of the 2019 camp (and to get you yearning for the beginning of Spring Training), I want to share my photographs from my time pretending I was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

(In addition, it brings me such joy to celebrate the late Roy Halladay's induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. When I arrived to Citizens Bank Park for the camp's orientation in November 2010, Roy was announced as the winner of the NL Cy Young Award that same day. Just over a month before, I witnessed the greatest game I had ever seen in person. On the first day of camp, we arrived to the park to see Halladay working out on a chilly, damp January morning. Greatness never takes a break.)

Additional photos by Sam Daley


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