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Sara and Charles Wedding - Newport Beach House

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Not only did Sara and Charles stick with their original wedding date in 2020, but they were able to keep it at the same gorgeous beachside venue in Newport, Rhode Island!

But as with everything else in the last year, many changes did have to be made... their guest list had to be reduced to meet the venue's maximum of 50 people, guests were required to have negative COVID test results, and while the band was still kicking it into high gear, no large group dancing was allowed on the floor. Visions of "Footloose" danced in my head (but they had to dance in the corner away from everyone).

Even with all these obstacles, Sara and Charles still pulled off their dream wedding on an absolutely stunning, fall New England day!

Suit: Ted Baker

Hair and Makeup: Allison Barbera Beauty


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