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USB Memory Direct - Custom Flash Drives

Last month, I received my new custom flash drives from USB Memory Direct, and I was over the moon with how they came out! Having a nice-looking flash drive to give to my wedding clients has been on my to-do list for quite awhile. Now I'm ready to deliver my couples' wedding photos in a much more attractive package. I was hoping to start using these this month, but of course, that unfortunately will have to wait... but hopefully for not too much longer.

I chose the "Tower" design from their list of natural wood drives, and used my logo designed by Rodek Enterprises. USB Memory Direct has a large selection of personalized flash drives, including custom-shaped designs which is giving me way too many ridiculous ideas. I think the Lysol fumes I'm constantly breathing in are starting to negatively impact me.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to putting these flash drives in to action! Highly recommended!

(For those who are curious, the two cameras used in these photos are a 1979 Yashica Mat-124G and a 1940 Jiffy Kodak Six 16 Series 2.)


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