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Film Photography: Accoutrements Split Cam

Last year, I purchased a $5 camera from Love Saves The Day in New Hope, PA. I had just seen a video about the Accoutrements Split Cam camera, so our meeting was pure kismet. Between the price and the camera's revolutionary "Image Fusion Technology", I could not pass up buying this little sucker.

I recently received back film scans from my various cameras, and I was so thrilled with the results of the Split Cam. I was truly expecting to just use it once, and then have it go live with all my other fun, plastic novelty cameras. But after this experience, I'm going to put this camera in to a more regular rotation... until the "Image Fusion Technology" ceases to work (i.e. the plastic breaks).

The images shown were shot in New York City, New Hope, and Florida.


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