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Lorelei and Jeff Wedding - West Chester, PA

In the first week of September, I had the pleasure of photographing the very intimate wedding of a longtime friend and his fiancee (now wife), in West Chester, PA.

As soon as I arrived to their apartment, I knew it was going to be very difficult for me to leave. Along with their extremely sweet rescue pittie, Sydney, a menagerie of cats occupied all the rooms, as they both foster kittens. In addition to all the fur babies, the home was filled with wonderful personal mementos that showed off their interests and personalities... from a very healthy book collection, to the wall of soccer (footie) scarves, knickknacks of favorite animation stars, a copy of Jeff's first issue of his Stanchion zine, and records, including a special album by Gordi. So special, Lorelei and Jeff got matching tattoos of "Something Like This", in honor of her song.

After Jeff got a quick touchup at Charlie & Co., we made our way south into Wilmington, DE. We returned to the scene of the crime aka "the site of their first date". In addition, we visited the local Barnes & Noble where Lorelei works. Again, they wanted to emphasize their love of books, and I am always more than happy to photograph in a bookstore.

Back in to West Chester we went, refueling with a slice from Lorenzo's and quick scoop from, er, Scoops.

Lorelei and Jeff's lovely and intimate ceremony and dinner followed. It was one incredibly special day!

Venue: dolce Zola

Hair and Makeup: KC Hair and Makeup

Officiant: Chris McGuigan


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