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"MEATS by Retroband" Art Book

It's Halloween, so this is the perfect time to show off this awesome new book I had the pleasure of providing photography for. "MEATS by Retroband" is about as far away from the world of wedding and engagement photography as humanly possible, but I knew it would be a blast to work on... and it did not disappoint!

In the Summer of 2018, Nick Curtis and Pamela Ralat of CoArt Magazine, approached me for a project they were going to launch for their new venture, CoArt Publications. The book would be a retrospective of the artist Aaron Moreno, known in the art and designer toy world as Retroband. The book would focus on Aaron's particular design form, called "MEATS".

All of the pieces were provided from the personal collection of Gary Schaeffer, known best for his work with legendary toy designer, Mel Birnkrant, to resurrect his famous Outer Space Men action figures.

In late September of 2019, Aaron exhibited his pieces at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY for his show entitled "I Can't Stop The Monster I Created". That night, the "MEATS by Retroband" book was launched to the public.

Since then, the book has received wonderful reviews from the art toy website, Spanky Stokes, as well as from horror authority, Rue Morgue Magazine.

So, for you fans of art and designer toys, and everything horror-related, I highly recommend picking up this book!

Below are my behind-the-scenes photos from our three-day studio shoot. I felt the most fitting way to capture these moments was to use an early '80's Canon with some nice, grainy black-and-white Tri-X film.


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