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Virginia and Daniel Wedding - Manhattan, NY

When people ask me what my most memorable weddings I have ever photographed are, this one definitely lands early on my list. As the story of '20 goes, Virginia and Daniel postponed their big party until later this fall, but they still wanted to make it official before that day.

On Halloween, they tied the knot on a pier in Downtown Manhattan (only a few blocks from their apartment), with their parents, siblings, and niece & nephew in attendance. Afterwards, we would take some portraits in the seaport area, then eventually meet back up with their family, and finish up the evening with a celebratory dinner at Mr. C Seaport.

Straightforward, right?

Right after our Zoom call to discuss the logistics of the day, Daniel contacted me to tell me he has set up a surprise for Virginia. After their kiss, members of The L Train Brass Band will pop out and start regaling everyone with a couple tunes. I would be the only one who know about this plan, not even the family members!

About a day later, I receive a text from Virginia to let me know she has also set up a surprise for Daniel. As we are about to exit the pier onto South Street, a group of Daniel's friends would be there to greet the couple and shower them with congratulatory wishes. Again, I would be the only person who would know about this surprise.

Both plans went off without a hitch and the couple was absolutely over the moon with their surprises. And I could finally breathe! As we made our way through the seaport area for portraits, the three of us laughed about the planning that went on behind each other's backs.

Daniel had one request to recreate the cover of one of his favorite books, "Up In The Old Hotel" by Joseph Mitchell. I always love doing a shot like this, so I more that happy to oblige.

We finished at their apartment for some quick portraits and celebratory candids with the family. This wedding was definitely one for the books. And I can't wait to do it all over again with them!


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