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Wedding and Engagement Film Photography

I am a huge fan of film photography, but for the most part, I stick to personal projects when going analog. On a handful of occasions, I have brought along a film camera or two to weddings and engagement sessions to add a few more interesting looks. I have used traditional SLR, TLR, and rangefinder cameras, but I have also utilized plastic and toy cameras (like the Lomography Diana F+ and Fisheye No. 2) to capture some funky, LoFi images.

So, if any couples are interested in adding some analog goodness into the mix with their digital photos, let's chat!


Venue - Crabtree's Kittle House

Venue - 501 Union

Venue - Anthony Wayne House

Venue - Scribe Winery

DJ - All Nighter Sounds

DJ - Heart of Gold DJs

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